Tuesday, October 11, 2011


As the weather continues to drop [or if you're in Atlanta, change every week, but somehow allows reaching 80 degrees] transitional pieces are sometimes hard to recognize.  Typically, I like to go the layering route because I can't stand to dress for what the temperature is going to be rather than adapt throughout the day by taking layers off.  Florida "winters" were the most annoying.  You would need a sweater in the mornings, but heaven forbid you have that same sweater on at lunch time because you would be sweating through it, seriously contemplating skipping a class to drive home just to change [other option being calling my mom and bribing her to bring me something different...usually involving additional cleaning or Starbucks, either persuade her often].  Since we deal with milder temperatures down here, you can find me wearing dresses and skirts til I can't feel my legs.  I saw this Susana Monaco dress on sale on ShopBop and I a) loved the flowy-ness b) loved the potential comfort level it reaches c) loved the price and d) loved how it could easily transiton from summer to fall and even a mild winter.  Add boots, tights, or layers and you're all set.  Or you could just vacation somewhere that still welcomes one piece of clothing.  Sidenote- look at her poor arms legs.

photo via ShopBop

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