Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Last night I was in the kitchen cooking dinner with my roomie when we heard a huge thump. Something had obviously fallen and it came from the direction of my room. I walked in suspecting it was the one thing that has happened to me before....my heavy duty [I'm sure under any other circumstance it holds up to its description] shelf that also serves as my hanging area for dresses was on the floor of my walk-in-closet. Granted, the floor has been covered with dozens of shoes for some time now, so it may not have been noticeable to the naked eye, but I could tell the difference when I wasn't even able to open my closet door. Thankfully I have MacGyver moves and was able to extract all of my precious items with the help of roomie's boyfriend. They are all currently stacked in the middle of my room, laying peacefully on the floor. To a normal person, one might use this as a sign that they need to clear out their closet. HA! I'm going straight to Ikea and buying another dresser. I'll be damned if I give away the dresses I love because they happened to be a "little too heavy" all together [it should be noted that I have already donated 7 trash bags full of items this year, so please don't think I'm a hoarder...yet]. R.I.P. closet shelf. You have officially put a damper on the packing I will be doing in the near future, not to mention my vacuuming.

scene of the crime...what used to be my beautiful [cramped] display of dresses

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