Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Royal Awareness

It's already the much anticipated wedding month of my dear friends Prince William and Waity Katy! I shouldn't call her that since I actually do like her and how she's transformed royal style into something that is worth watching [aka garments other than boring, blah suits]. Saw in People today that the much sought after "engagement photo blouse" worn by Kate in their photos is back in circulation at Whistles in the UK, but with a new name [the Kate blouse-original] and now, more expensive price tag. How thoughtful, right? Not only do I want to buy the blouse that all of England will soon own, but I ALSO want to pay more for it. You know me so well Whistles.

Here is the famous blouse....oh I'm sorry, you didn't recognize it from the front? Don't worry...it could of had naked tribal people sacrificing a goat embroidered on it and England would still buy the entire stock [have I mentioned I'm fascinated with their obsession for their royals?]

[photo via people]

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