Thursday, April 14, 2011


Macy's has developed a new "store" called Impulse which features high-end designers creating lines for their lower price points. Much like Target's designer collaborations, Macy's arrangements look promising so far. Matthew Williamson [known for his modern take on jet-set glamour] launched a limited edition capsule collection recently that caught my attention. His designs are finally attainable [budget wise] and available as of yesterday. Williamson has some crazy, funkadelic shiz goin on in his head, but don't let it deter you from at least trying on some of his pieces. Everyone needs to go outside of their box once in awhile to get the energy juices pumping...then you can quickly run back in. What can I say, the man loves his animal and galactic prints, so get your cougar star trek minds in place. Even I, who highly dislikes Macy's and the cattle call that ensues when you enter the doors, will be locating some of these items to take home.

[photos via SHEfinds]

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