Friday, April 22, 2011

Etsy Feature [good] Friday

It's Good Friday and my employer is oh so generous and gave me this day to relax. But I would never forget to give you an etsy shop that interests me! I thought I would feature the shop that supplied my mother's day present. Bekah Jennings makes the most adorable holiday and celebration signs to hang anywhere in your house. My mom LOVES stuff like this that celebrates the holiday, but not with glitter and blinking lights [her home is country vintage with a true "homey" feel-i love it], so I knew she would love one of these signs.

Personally, I don't really have space to display stuff of this nature yet, but if I did I would buy all of them. Although, I am seriously debating whether or not to purchase the "congratulations" sign to display in my room. My thought is that I would see it everyday and high-five myself since it can serve as such a blanket statement. "Congrats on drinking that glass of milk" "Congrats on working out today" "Congrats on that great new purchase" "Congrats on that guy that hit on you last night, even though I'm a sign in your room, not at the bar, and I have no eyes"....ya know? Stuff like that. Maybe I should just get a customized one that says "winning"?

photos via Bekah Jennings

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