Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This Sunday is Easter [fyi for those of you living life without a calendar]. Growing up I used every "holiday" [I put it in quotes because I included such events as my half birthday and flag day] as an excuse for a new outfit, a nice one at that. Actually, if we're being honest, I still use that excuse, except now it takes the form of more of a justification rather than a plead to my mom. Not to get too grown up on everyone though, my mom did in fact purchase my Easter dress this year [readily accepting gifts from parents at the age of 25-guilty, party of one]. So, thanks to Tequila Mary...I will be looking oh so floral and pastel aka fresh this Sunday. I understand that some of you may not have the luxury of being an only girl, living far from your parents, or be a master of convincing the "needed" purchase [if you do then go for the gold]. For this, I thought I would provide some choices that would be perfect for this Sunday [no matter what you do-as long as people are admiring your outfit] and would work well for the rest of the season(s) [some of you are still stuck in winter, I would like to stay stuck in spring, but our hot ass friend summer is getting closer].


Easter by savvycheap featuring an empire dress

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