Thursday, April 21, 2011


I love surfing ebay, but rarely get the courage to buy anything. My little brother is a ridiculously successful ebay seller [mostly golf related items] and I completely envy his skills. After not being able to locate a Tibi dress I wanted at Neiman's Last Call I went to ebay. Of course, the dress was not there, but I did see a dress I almost bought last winter listed for [get excited] $39.99. WHAT?!? say you. That's right, it retailed for $390. It was brand new with tags, lots of pictures, and the seller had a great rating. I got some courage and placed a bid [knowing that I had tried it on and that it was something that looked good]. I was so excited when I won the dress and think I may wear it for some upcoming wedding events or this winter. Who knows, honestly for $39.99 I may start wearing it grocery shopping.

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