Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In honor of the ROYAL WEDDING

I thought we should address the amazingly crazy and unique fascinators and hats that will be seen on Friday! I, personally, am not in a position to wear these ornate noggin' pieces enough to get my money's worth, but if I did....I would go crazy for them! I think as a country we should start incorporating these into our lives [honestly, I saw some ladies at church on Sunday that missed the idea of such a great piece by a landslide, so there are obviously limits to everything]. Let's all enter our imaginary royal wedding and picture ourselves in these contraptions that make you look like you've [somewhat] lost your marbles....or royal jewels.

The Beautiful Bride to Be's Noggin' Adornments

And now some that you all can wear:

[the last one is what I plan on wearing as soon as I

receive the invitation-nothing like last minute]

Couture Derby Hat by Arturo Rios via Etsy

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