Friday, April 15, 2011

{Etsy Feature Friday}

It's Friday and that means I'll be featuring one of the many treasures I've discovered on Etsy! I was roaming around my room last night [takes about 5 seconds and 10 steps] when I looked at my amazing [handmade thanks to my dad] necklace holder. It seems silly to love something so simple, but that thing organizes all my clutter and makes it SO MUCH easier to sort through accessories...especially something like necklaces that get all tangled up and tricky. It's nothing special to look at and probably cost Frank the tank all of $5, but I may need to upgrade soon.

I found an Etsy shop called Blue Bird Heaven that makes the coolest, most unique jewelry holders ever. Not to mention, all the different sized sections make it possible to fit all types of jewelry [they break up the displays for you in the sections to the left based on the type of jewelry you think will take up the majority of space]. The price tags are more than what Frankie paid, but let me reassure you all...these are much more elegant and attractive on the wall than mine-hence why it's located behind my bedroom door [loves ya dad!]. If you have the room these displays serve as an organizer and a form of artwork on the walls of a bedroom or [large] bathroom or even a [larger than mine] closet. The prices for the jewelry displays range from $68 for the smaller version to $216 for the large double version.

photos via Blue Bird Heaven

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