Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cap Toes

 I'm not sure if I would label cap toe shoes, especially flats, a trend.  I'm not saying they're not insanely popular right now [as they should be], but rather that these are yet again a classic design that gets amped up in colors of the moment as opposed to being "brought back" or a "revival."  Cap toes will always be a sartorial staple to me, even though I will venture to say I may not own the ones that started it all anytime soon.  Nonetheless, I appreciate all the new and exciting variations to this ever lasting style.  I most recently purchased this version from Old Navy in a neon yellow color that apparently has since sold out.  There are enough variations for you to find something that works with your closet though.  Good luck hunting!
[I would like to take a second to say THANK YOU to my beautiful friends Lindsey from Teach Chic, Laura, and Tippi.  Because of your gracious birthday presents, I am now the proud owner of this shirt that I professed my love for yesterday, this absolutely adorable dress, and perfect top!!!]
Cap Toes

Me Too flat heels
$89 -

Jones New York flat heels
$89 -

Kate Spade rubber heels
$225 -

Calvin Klein flat heels
$99 -

Flat heels
$56 -

FRIDA patent leather shoes
$99 -

Sam Edelman flat shoes
$110 -

Vera Wang Lavender Label leather flat
$113 -

Kate Spade flat heels
$225 -

Jessica Simpson leather flat
$69 -

J.Crew leather shoes
$138 -

Old Navy flat shoes
$23 -

Vince Camuto patent flat
$98 -

ALDO wedge shoes
$70 -

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