Thursday, February 16, 2012

the fashion bootie

It seems like ever since Isabel Marant introduced us to her Dicker bootie, and shortly after had it sell out in a miniscule amount of time, there have been numerous look-a-like's.  If y'all remember...we saw the first of Miss Marant's twins here.  I own the gray version and wear them to death, each time receiving welcomed compliments.  Like all great exepensive things that are replicated and reproduced, just give them time because now I found another, but this go around includes bold colors.  I give you the ASOS Aggie Suede Bootie.  [I lurv the green, navy, and red versions]

Speaking of fashion influence, have you seen the latest "must-have" item from none other than Miss Marant?  Meet her sneakers.  That's right.  I bet you never thought you'd be wearing such a thing as "designer sneakers," as in high tops, as in basketball player, as in something that feels so wrong, but you think is right after a couple shots, as in alcohol not basketball.  Just don't reach down and try to pump them up because you think you're back on the b-ball court in your heyday, aka the 90s. 

[truth gun:  these things are starting to grow on me.  I will never buy them, but there's actually a hidden wedge inside the sneaker to add height and comfot, which totally gets me]

photos courtesy of ASOS and here

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