Wednesday, February 15, 2012


SO, as I've posted before, the [blank]mint websites [i.e. stylemint, shoemint, jewelmint] are my favorite of the monthly charge genre.  I have ordered numerous things from jewelmint, admired the shoemint inventory, but have never jumped on the stylemint shirts.  People on the blogosphere have preached about their comfort and amazing quality, but I just couldn't decide on a basic t-shirt.  The styles were just basic enough that I couldn't choose....until I saw a shirt that Taylor from Sterling Style was wearing and wanted it...bad.  AND then I saw it was from stylemint.  I was in love, add a 30% off coupon and I was sold.  This is the shirt two ways: on the website and styled by Taylor.  It made a world of a difference seeing it on someone.  With that I am happy and anticipating the arrival of my pretty stripes [for only $20].  Coupon code is TAYLOR for 30% off your purchase until the end of February.

photos from stylemint and Sterling Style

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