Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Monday

For starters, I hope everyone had a great weekend and if you watched the Super Bowl, then I hope you had a good time doing that too.  I went to two different parties yesterday and after discussing a couple hostess things with a friend, I started thinking about when I would eventually throw fun dinner parties that eventually turn into ragers with someone swinging from a chandelier and funneling a bottle of champagne.  And then I remembered seeing these royally awesome palace dinnerware that would 100% fit into the crazy shit I'm envisioning.  Each palace breaks down into various plates, dishes, and side dishes.  Quite possibly the coolest thing, besides food and throwing said food, to entertain people with at your humble abode.

Sidenote...found myself at my local Target at 8am yesterday and had forgotten about the Jason Wu collection until I noticed a team of unfashionable [purely an assumption from the disgusting pajamas they were wearing in public] women hounding the racks under the black cat.  Long story longer, I only saw a few pieces since said women were scooping and swooping and was not in love with the items.  This could have also been because I have tried to cut myself off from shopping after seeing my finished closet [which you will see tomorrow].

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