Thursday, February 23, 2012

the hunt continues...

J.Crew is currently offering 20% off any purchase of $150+.  This is great news because I was waiting for a discount code for full-price merchandise to buy my latest obsession.  BUT, apparently I am much too cheap compared to my fellow shoppers because when I went to put the lovely piece of stitched up leather in my cart, IT WAS SOLD OUT.  W.T.F.  My heart breaks.  Even more so, because I know that as soon as this little discount code expires they will restock my bag just to annoy me.  In the mean time though I've found a bright light on the horizon, a horizon that is so, so far away because the price of this bag is so, so out of my budget.  The good news is that I can admire from a virtual distance and this item will never bankrupt me...mostly because I deem paying rent and eating among my priorities right under finding great things on sale.  The Reed Krakoff Boxer tote will be filling my dreams for the next few months, hell maybe years if I eventually save enough pennies and turn enough tricks.

such a classic, beautiful bag....til we meet again my dear friend.

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