Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Closet Space

Like I promised, I will show you every inch of my finished closet.  Actually, I'll show you both.  That's right, my addiction has filled two closets.  One was meant for shoes linens and the other meant for a couple's combined clothing inventory.  I took advantage of both for myself and it's not pretty....well to me it is, but the overall effect it has on others is not. 

jeans, pants, sweater dresses, flats, and boots
 jackets and skirts [and some of my scarves]
 dresses and sweaters
 dresses and sweaters

After dealing with my closet, I started dreaming of what an unlimited bank account could provide me with in the closet real estate world.  I turned to Pinterest, which made my dreams grow bigger, only to be crushed by my reality.  Let's pour a little out and look at what an unfiltered imagination and unlimited bank account could provide us [that's right us...as in, if one of us gets a closet like this we're sharing it].

Did you really think I could leave Jenna Lyons' old closet and the one and only Carrie Bradshaw's out?  Never.

images via pinterest

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