Friday, January 6, 2012

etsy feature friday {2012 edition}

That's right people it's the start of 2012, which means our lives are filled with promises we'll break, resolutions we'll dismiss, and gym memberships we'll forget about.  OH I'm sorry, I hit you smack in the face with that pessimism.  Let's be honest, these are all great things and extremely helpful to us as beautiful [one can assume] people, but I'll be the first to admit, most of them are broken.  Hello...I just transferred gyms and purchased a years worth of personal training to make sure I don't fall off my wagon [thanks Libby] before the royal wedding of 2012 occurs [that's right people, there's another one!].  With that being said, I thought that I should feature some cute and helpful organizational things I found on etsy.  And if all else fails in the world of productivity, at least you wrote it down on a cute notepad.

Life's a Journal Daily Page Notepad

Buy This Meal Planning Kit

Fitness Log

Get Your Shit Together Notepad [love]

Weekly Calendar
photos via etsy

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