Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Clothes Horse

While reading the one business magazine I subscribe to, Bloomberg Businessweek, I stumbled across an article about an insanely helpful website that is about to launch: Clothes HorseClothes Horse is a NYC startup that helps shoppers find brands that fit them best and, based on your measurements and/or sizes you wear in a certain brand (i.e. J.Crew), translates this sizing information to inform you what size you would wear in every OTHER brand.  Jackpot people.  We all know, even though it hurts to go up a size, that brands run differently.  So many times I have wished that there was a general consensus with sizing and measurements, but that will never happen.  With Clothes Horse, you can finally eliminate the hesitation and sizing doubt in online purchasing [for the most part].  This may seem too good to be true, but I'm willing to try.  I've had one too many shirts that don't button because the bust wasn't measured correctly.

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