Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Recent Finds

I've been doing my usual cruisin' of the interwebs and I found a couple things that I either want or want to give [or both?] and thought I'd pass these gems onto you all!  Christmas may be over, but that shouldn't stop the purchasing people.

First up, Peace Cord Bracelets:

These braided arm parties look like an everyday bracelet in navy, army green, black, and tan, but each one represents a different military branch and 100% of the proceeds benefit grassroots programs in Afghanistan.  Easy to add to an outfit and support our troops and their projects.

Next, we have something for the uber impatient [like me] that will hopefully help me cut down the grazing that goes on while I try and cook a meal:

Bodum is a kitchen appliance and accessories company that seems to have all the random things I would want...including this electric water kettle that boils water 3 times faster and is more energy efficient than the pot process.  For someone who can't stand the waiting process of boiling water this is a culinary gem.  I would totally boil this water, pour it in a pot, and get to cooking...all in a fraction of the time [and for only $29].

Next on the docket is one of the greatest coffee table books I've seen in awhile.  Mostly because I love fashion and traveling...and this combines both.  From Assouline, the American Fashion Travel book by the CFDA that chronicles the travels of America's best-known fashion designers.  Who doesn't want to read about DVF and Mr. Louboutin's trip together?

Lastly, I found an amazing, deco inspired pair of earrings from Chloe and Isabel to go with any outfit and have a price tag that won't put you on food stamps.

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