Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Cheap clothes?  You betcha'.  Cheap prices?  You betcha'.  Fall apart quicker than a Packers fan?  Oh, I hope not!  I've known about Sosie for awhile now, but didn't realize I hadn't posted on it yet [I sawry].  This website resembles a LuLu's a wee bit, but what are we if not appreciative of a cheap online store trying to get us goods at a great price point.  The one downside to this site [and a huge pet peeve of mine] is that they keep up their merchandise even if it's sold out.  arrrgghhh.  Annoying people, extremely annoying.  BUT I'll give it a chance since I've, to date, clicked on damn near everything and now am determined to find something that's in stock!!!

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