Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I always look for unique, personal gifts when shopping for friends, family, and myself.  For me, anything personalized warms my heart and makes me feel special.  I think it's fair to say these items do that for the majority of people.  These gifts are also perfect for people taking on new initials like newlyweds or those in the witness protection program, to savor the new changes in their lives.  Ok, that's enough deep talkin' shenanigans.  Iomoi specializes in the [classy and fun] monogramming of paper, home, and desk goods, as well as bags of all sizes and kids items.  Their bright colors and designs bring a refreshing twist to the ever classic [mundane] world of monogramming.  And they offer more choices than a person should ever have when trying to pick something for themself others.

photos via iomoi

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