Monday, January 23, 2012

slip it on

I'm a fan of slippers.  I know that not everyone is and that this places me in the category of 90 year old retired woman.  Some prefer socks, some prefer bare feet, and others prefer to never remove their shoes [a never nude of the feet world if you will], but I won't go into my judgment of the latter.  I have a cheap pair of Target slippers that are nice and then I have my Cadillac version lined with shearling that wrap my feet with warmth courtesy of Ugg.  The one downfall?  Neither of these are acceptable footwear outside.  End of story.  Although some may debate sleepwear and its accessories are ok for say, college classes or taking the trash out I disagree and think they should remain in the confines of your home, preferably when guests are not present.  UNTIL I found Jacques Levine's adorable hybrid Inslee slipper that looks like a ballet flat but warms like a true slipper.  These are perfectly acceptable around guests, your feet are still warm, and you look put together. 

photos via Jacques Levin

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