Friday, January 20, 2012

etsy feature friday

After what could only be described as an embarrassingly long stint on pinterest pinning away different rooms and ideas for my dream home [which is now up to a 50+ room house...dreams people, they're important] I've been casually passing through etsy shops doing the same.  I will say that I am guilty of making mental notes about stuff I "like" roughly every 30 seconds.  As you can assume, most of them do not stay with me [short term memory loss] which is why I'm an advocate of keeping lists, whether they are virtual or tangible. 

One of the few mental notes I have been able to remember is a light fixture I saw at H. Audrey in Nashville that I absolutely loved.  It was made of dangling light bulbs that looked so industrial chic I've been kicking myself since for not taking pictures....until I discovered the concept again at the etsy shop urbanchandy.  These things are by no means cheap, but they also don't hold a true chandeliers price tag.  I don't know where the heck I would put it in my house [maybe over an outside table or in an office?], but not to worry...I've got 50+ rooms to fill people.

photos via etsy

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