Thursday, January 5, 2012

Samantha Wills

One word:  obsession.  But what's new, right?  I obsess over lots of things much to my trying to keep my sanity.  But this is different.  I like lots of things, but I obsess with extreme admiration about a handful of them.  Most of the things I like I lose interest in or talk myself out of after a few weeks.  Jewelry is harder to do because it's such a versatile purchase.  And, much like shoes, it fits no matter what size you wear!  I stumbled across Samantha Wills' jewelry and I fell hard [especially because she is Australian and I love that place].  The pieces are so unique, yet wearable.  Neutral with just enough color.  Perfect for any outfit.  I wonder if she offers a discount code....

photos via Samantha Wills and various blogs

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