Monday, September 26, 2011


 [Ashley and me at the rehearsal dinner]

This weekend was amazing.  Amazingly awesome, fun and bittersweet.  Due to my excessive dancing and celebrating, I now have swollen feet that rival a pregnant woman and a lost purse with all of my belongings in it [i.e. full wallet, camera, giant aleve bottle...].  But, in the end, those can all be replaced [well, I guess except my feet, I'd like to keep those skiis].  I know I also said I would have pictures, but I failed at that.  I'm officially the laziest picture taker ever, but luckily our friend Ashley isn't.  SO I stole some of hers until my mom sends me more to show y'all!!!!!   Oh, and for icing on the cake-due to my lost purse I had to leave my shoes with the taxi driver as collateral while I ran upstairs and got cash from my mom [dignity lost?  never, it's been gone for years]

                                                             [Bridesmaids + friends]

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