Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nina love affair

Happy Thursday love nuggets!  I'm en route to Austin and had to schedule my post to ensure you all were not bored to death on this almost Friday.  Back to my post.  I love Nina Garcia.  She's the epitome of classic chic.  AND during her additional airtime on Project Runway's recent episode I became obsessed with her top.  I knew as soon as I saw it on her that it would be 110% out of my budget, but I can dream right?  And maybe locate a bedazzler and hire re-create the look [we're still in my dream sequence peoples].  If you are different from me and can afford a $2,100 blouse, then go forward friends and you seize that amazing top by Preen.  Just know that I'll be staring at you the entire time.

photo via net-a-porter and dark lamb

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