Friday, September 2, 2011


My youth was spent south of Seattle in a neighborhood overlooking South Puget Sound. Since to the majority of readers [99.9%, the 0.01% representing myself] don't know where that is, I'll enlighten you. Washington State has a peninsula that looks like a handle on the western coast and between that handle and the rest of the state is Puget Sound. It is absolutely gorgeous and quite refreshing when you compare it to the Florida beaches I moved to soon after.

I used to walk along the beach with my grandmother collecting agates. She was great at finding them. Myself...not so much. The majority of what I picked up could be classified as a stone, nothing remotely close to the appearance of a real agate. When I started seeing more and more agates being incorporated into jewelry designs and lines it reminded me of my youth. Except, my grandmother and I did not spend any additional time making her collection into wearable jewelry. At least others have put forth that effort and now I can purchase them. I found numerous ones on etsy and thought it would be a great eff since the selection on the site far surpasses the cheapness you tend to find in stores!

photos via etsy

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