Wednesday, September 14, 2011

typical tuesday

Last night I found myself on the hunt for a gorgeous [to some, in your face] bright pink skirt from Anthropologie. Laura showed me her navy blue version earlier this week and I fell in love. She's wearing it to one of the parties for Susannah's upcoming nuptials next week and I'm just going to wear it everywhere else. Erika from Urban Grace has the pink skirt I am now the proud parent of and I plan on wearing it in endless ways throughout the year [remember people I have the luxury of keeping my summer clothes alive by just taking trips home to Florida]. The navy blue and pink versions, which in my mind are way more fun, are now on sale [cue the wave].

I also popped into J.Crew to see what they had and casually asked about the Poppy King for J.Crew lipstick that was on all of the models in their catalogs. I knew the lipstick had sold out online fairly quickly, so when the kind worker told me they had one left, of course I purchased it [before I actually sat down and thought about how I never wear bright, fun colors]. BUT people I can assure you, I've packed this poppy color lipstick AND my brighter than bright pink MAC lipstick for Austin. Now let's just see how many men it scares many battles you can't win them all.

I can already see that I may be flirting with myself this weekend, because one of my male coworkers [that I'm good friends with and would tell me the truth] just walked into my office and said, "Whoaaaaaa."

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  1. I LOVE that pink skirt! You are going to look great in it!!