Thursday, September 22, 2011

tonight, tonight

Last night we threw Susannah a bridal shower that made sense [i.e. practical] and involved no awkward lingerie like ass-less chaps.  We got our nails did while drinking wine and chatting it up.  It was a great night, but tonight should be filled with dancing, drinks, and dinner [the triple Ds if you will].  After going to Miami for the bachelorette party, one of the junior bridesmaids [i.e. one of the moms] decided to throw a great shindig for the wedding.  The dress is "South Beach casual" which, as we witnessed, can go many different ways.  My friend Lindsey from Teach Chic posted a look that I actually already owned and planned on wearing tonight.  [side note...have you noticed that much like the syncing of your monthly visitor with friends that you also start to dress a little alike after awhile?  Too far?  Maybe it's just me?]  Anyways, here is my outfit for tonight!

The bride with another version of SoBe casual
[picture courtesy of our hostess for tonight]

Target Leopard Flats [no longer available]

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