Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Steals

This weekend was extremely dangerous for my bank account.  I had nothing planned during store hours, which meant that I ended up buying some things.  BUT there was light in that dark, dark tunnel because everything I bought was on super sale or [justifiably] cheap.  I purchased an adorable shirtdress from J.Crew, two sweaters from Old Navy, and another big, comfy sweater dress [read: new addiction] from Zara. 

[I got the Thomas Mason version which was the only one in store.  Looks adorable with this type of belt and I plan on adding cardigans and blazers to layer]

[I got a black version of this with pockets in the store]

Old Navy was having the best sale yesterday.  So great in fact, that I initially thought it was spam and asked the worker if it was a real email.  You see, I've been eyeing a certain Alice+Olivia look-alike southwestern cardigan and couldn't take the chance of missing this possible discount.  I refuse to pay full price for an Old Navy sweater, especially when that full price is $55.  Yesterday all adult sweaters were 75% off.  Hence why I accused the worker of the spam email.  I got said sweater for the wee price of $13.50.  And then I made the rounds and found a comparable version of this sweater [comparable meaning I was scared to pay more than $40 because I didn't know how often I'd wear it] for $8.  Success people, success.

[$55 but 35% TODAY ONLY with code MERRY]


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