Wednesday, November 9, 2011

stalking success

SO, not to seem weird [even though I know I do], but I saw a picture of Amanda Seyfried on the set of her new movie The Wedding wearing, surprise, a wedding dress and a pair of wedges that I absolutely loved.  Wedding wedges we'll call them.  I've had this picture saved on my computer for months people and I FINALLY found the damn shoes. 

The best part?  They're actually reasonable!  Like, $99 reasonable.  They're from Nina [which if you ever went shopping for shoes for homecoming or prom you should recognize] and are called the "eterna."  The only thing I want to change is the bow.  I want a cleaner, more Kate Spade-ish bow like this, this, or this.  Good news...I have time, since I'm not in a serious relationship and all.

photos via DailyMail and Nina

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