Wednesday, November 30, 2011

bustiers + lace

In the last Lucky mag I saw them pair lace pencil skirts with lady-like bustiers [read: not the ones in your local s&m store].  I loved the look because it was so simple, yet so sophisticated.  Needless to say, one of my black Friday purchases was a black lace pencil skirt at Kohl's.  Now I just need to track down a flowy bustier that completes the outfit.  Until then though, I'll resort to wearing the white cotton one I already own that looks like the Parker one below.

Bustiers + Lace

Parker top
$187 -

Rebecca Taylor smock top
$235 -

Geren Ford fitted top
$92 -

Rebecca Taylor tiered shirt
$235 -

Kimchi Blue black top
$30 -

Hype leopard print top
$81 -

ASOS lace pencil skirt
$45 -

TopShop lace skirt
£35 -

Knee length pencil skirt
£38 -

Elastic waist skirt
£15 -

ASOS lace pencil skirt
$54 -

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