Friday, November 11, 2011


HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!  My dear friend Jennifer [the one that I went to Australia with] arrives today for a weekend visit and I'm so excited!  There's lots of things planned, but mostly catching up, cocktails, and delicious food! 

Today's etsy feature friday features a shop that I actually found by reading a magazine, not my usual random etsy finds that are generated by a heavy dose of stalking.  A girl featured in a recent Lucky magazine was wearing one of Norwegian Wood's necklaces and I loved the simplistic, natural feel it brought to the outfit.  One of those pieces you could throw on any day, with any outfit and it would complete it.  Angie Johnson is from Montreal and is the brain and heart that designs these pieces.  Some of the designs are a bit daring, as far as statement necklaces go because they don't have the usual glitz and glam that typical justify the oversized pieces, but if you have the [sartorial] cajones feel free to try some of these!  Or opt for her other great pieces [I personally love the fringe necklaces]!

photos via etsy

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