Tuesday, November 1, 2011

{party time}

It's officially November, which means that the holiday season has begun [unless you count Halloween, which is debatable].  I have 20% of my family's presents bought, oh wait let's make that about 30% because I am partially done with my mom's.  But the really important thing this time of year is having a dress(es) for the numerous social events.  Even if you don't have a calendar chock-full of parties, it's always easier to have a dress on hand to easily throw on for situations that allow a little dressing up.  My family dresses up for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve...mostly because my mother hosts 20+ people on turkey day and I'm pretty sure she's terrified that if she didn't demand a dress code my brothers would be left to their own devices and embarrass her [she also loves a good picture for the Christmas card].  I personally adore this tradition because I always get to purchase something "for pictures."  This year though, I have a slightly busier schedule than normal.  So far I have 2 additional events that require dressier clothing:  firm holiday party and a black tie wedding.  For the former I already have a lovely Tibi dress that I can't wait to wear, but the latter seems to be causing more problems.  Mostly because it's a black tie wedding in December...in Miami.  The bride says to wear gowns, but the location is not conducive to this type of garment [and when I say location, I don't mean the weather and stereotypes of this city, I mean the fact that I can hardly battle the beat to my full potential in a long gown]. 

Needless to say, I'm still searching, so I thought I would put together a little post of what I've discovered!  Whether you're looking for something dressy [and possibly willing to spend a little more money], or just want something nice to add to your closet [in case that invite rolls in a little late], these dresses fit the bill [and for the most part won't break the bank]. 

[I'm borderline obsessed with this one]

[I think about this one more than any normal should think about anything]

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