Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dana Kellin for Target

Another Target collaboration launched on October 30th, but flew kind of under the radar [which is pretty easy after the Missoni shit show].  Even I didn't know about the launch until I saw it in one of my magazines recently.  Dana Kellin is a jewelry designer known for creating delicate pieces with metals and stones in blue, purple, and pink hues.  They're absolutely beautiful and extremely versatile.  I prefer metals with pendants and things like this when it comes to jewelry because they're much easier to layer and don't take away from an outfit.  That doesn't mean I don't buy the statement jewelry, because I do, but these things are what I wear more often.  The prices range from $9.99-$49.99 and there are more that what I've featured, so check them out!

Dana Kellin for Target Collection

photos via Target

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