Thursday, November 10, 2011

orange you glad _______

Orange, to me,  is a color that could stay or go.  My indifference doesn't sprout from anything in particular [well except when paired with black, since I spent my high school and college years forced to wear this combo due to school colors].  It's not a color I shy away from and I couldn't tell you exactly why I don't own much of it, but I tend to purchase others [navy, green, pink] first.  Over the years I've found myself getting closer to it, finding and purchasing red-orange pieces, but a full blown Tory Burch love affair orange hasn't been in my closet for years.  Now I see it plastered all over magazines and I keep wanting to try it.  My one caveat is that I don't want it too close to my face, so naturally I've been looking for the perfect orange skirt for fall and winter to spice up the neutral tones in my closet.  This bright also looks undeniably great with cool colors [read: the navys and greens that take over my closet].  I think my first purchase will be my favorite city mini from J.Crew, especially since the new orange color is the only one that isn't in my closet [who doesn't like completion?].
Orange You Glad

J Crew pencil skirt
$120 -

J Crew mini skirt
$85 -

Mini skirt
$68 -

£10 -

Oasis a line skirt
$17 -

£29 -

$90 -

Oasis short skirt
$35 -

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