Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Fashionista posted a study done by Bundle about the Top Ten Shopaholic Cities in the U.S. and surprisingly, the cities that made the cut [not LA or NYC] were the farthest possible answers from anyone's assumptions.  Check out the list:

10. Bakersfield, CA ($201.50/month)
9. Austin, TX ($213/month)
8. Seattle, WA ($221.17/month)
7. San Jose, CA ($221.17/month)
6. San Francisco, CA ($227.42/month)
5. Dallas, TX ($228.58/month)
4. Scottsdale, AZ ($243.17/month)
3. Nashville, TN ($251.17/month)
2. Arlington, VA ($254.58/month)
1. Washington, DC ($263/month)

D.C. is number one.  This seems weird at first glance, but if  you think about it those politicians rack up some major bills on the clothing front.  I would venture to say at first glance most of D.C. looks like they'll be stuck in board rooms for weeks on end only surviving by sleeping on their shoulder pads, but in reality those simple suits and shirts cost more than my monthly salary.  Touche D.C., touche.

Sidenote...some of these cities surprised me even more.  I was just in Austin and if they're spending that much on clothing I sure as hell didn't notice and Seattle I love [hello birthplace and childhood], but if we're being honest...these people spending all this money are hiding out or are named Mrs. Bill Gates.

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