Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tiffany Chou

I haven't featured a new brand I've fallen for in awhile, so I thought it should be at the top of my list. AND THEN I found this lovely lady's jewelry line and fell head over heels, so the timing was perfecto. I love nautical and marine style things (i.e. seahorses, starfish, the little mermaid), so when I first saw Tiffany Chou's line I loved the daintiness in how she addressed these sorts of things. They can become extremely tacky, extremely quickly (i.e. spongebob anything). Her jewelry comes in gold AND silver choices (something I feel like designers snub the majority of the time) and are reasonably priced. Two things I (and my bank account) appreciate.

[cue Under the Sea and picture Sebastian dancing and singing for us while you look at jewelry that may or may not involve some of his claws]

photos via Tiffany Chou

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