Thursday, August 18, 2011

Christmas List

Oh, I'm this too early for you? I should explain, so it doesn't scare some readers off. I am extremely hard to buy for. Not because I don't appreciate everything I am given, but because if I really want something I'll buy it and then I don't have to worry about it any longer. This is a trait that frustrates those close to me. I understand, but one year, long ago, I asked my mother for beanies {some may call them toboggans} for Christmas [don't judge-it was in my youth]. ONLY beanies. Top of the list people, nothing confusing about it. I thought, "Finally, I've made a realistic list that has items on it that are both reasonable and easy to find." What did I get come Christmas morning? Not a single beanie.

Since that scarring day from my youth I've made it a point to be VERY exact with my lists. You want to know what I'd like? Just ask, because I now keep a running list on my itouch and add things to it all year long, waiting for the day I must submit it to my parentals. As I've grown older I've also taken it upon myself to purchase my own gifts and have them shipped to my parents' house to avoid awkward moments under the tree. Some may think this is rude or ridiculous, but it makes everyone happy. Well, technically it "upsets" my mom sometimes when she can't get past the fact that I "know everything I'm getting for Christmas," but we work through it people. And I come out a happy [stylish] camper.

Finally, the reason for this entire post...I purchased my Christmas present "from my brothers" today. And, like mentioned before, it was something on that long list of wants I keep. I found the tall PINK Hunter boots that I've stared at for seasons ON SALE IN MY SIZE. I didn't even think twice before I entered the info and hit purchase. Do you want to purchase? Um,'s for Christmas.

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