Wednesday, August 10, 2011

cruisin' together

Well, at least the cruisin' part was right. The together is debatable unless I find a friend [or potential love interest] that's dying to spend hundreds of dollars to become a cruisin' duo. The hundreds of dollars come into the picture when I require them to purchase a cruiser bike like the one I so desperately want. But, said bike only lives beautifully in my suburban dreams because, lez be honest, the streets of Buckhead [more so Atlanta in general] are not particularly cruiser friendly. I picture myself [with lucky friend] cruisin' the streets on a sunny day, maybe on the way to the beach that doesn't exist or a park. I know I can't cruise these little beauts to the mall because my ride would be jacked in a hot second. Who doesn't want a pastel leisure bike??? All in all, I want one still for the beach house I hope will be in my near [let's say 40 years] future.

Schwinn Cruisers

Micargi Rover GX Beach Cruiser

Huffy Cranbrook Cruiser

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  1. Valentine and I would love to cruise with you...