Friday, August 26, 2011

EtsyFeatureFriday NEON

So, naturally, all posts lead to neon in my life. Well, most of them at least. And today doesn't change any of that. I found a redonkulous jewelry designer that I now have the BIGGEST [neon] crush on. Her statement necklaces are insanely eye-catching and bright. Which, in my book, is great because it has the ability to take any outfit to the next level [and I think it's fair to say the level I speak of is filled with unicorns and rainbows]. The line is called Noble House Designs, made by Sara Lowery Ng based out of Houston. She has an etsy shop and a website, so there's multiple stalking venues. These necklaces are now at the top of my wants list-officially obsessed.

photos via Noble House Designs

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