Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I found this cute little chart that "predicts" your personality based on how you use your lipsticks. I like thinking that these things are true, just like how I occasionally [religiously] read my horoscope at the back of the magazine to see what is in store for my great life. I'm the person that likes to believe the horoscope is directed at one sole reader [me]. Especially when it starts to talk about the "relationship" I'm in and absolutely nothing I read can be related to my life at this moment. I find these things fun and light hearted. What I don't find lighthearted is the tarot card reading my friend gave me this weekend that proceeded to lay out my life in the most horrid way possible with every negative thing happening to me [I should backtrack, I guess divorce and separation is better than early death?]. The thing is, at the end of my predicted divorce or separation I'll still have myself [#winning] and my closet full of amazingness.

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