Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mad Men

So today marks the much anticipated Mad Men Collection launch for Banana Republic. I must admit, I am not a die hard viewer, but I've definitely seen a season or two and am completely in love with the costume department and the way in which they do such a successful job portraying that time frame [not like I have first hand knowledge, but still]. I also like to watch it because I think Christina Hendricks' character Joan is such a respectable bitch and has so much control over those men that stereotypically hold the cards. Oh, and did I mention that when I was in L.A. a couple years back she was the guest on Chelsea Lately when I caught the tapping. That's right...I got to see those curves and flame red hair up close and personal [10 feet people, 20 if I'm being realistic]. Anyways, BR seems to have done some major gifting preceding this launch because just about every blogger I follow has been promoting/sporting a brand new item from the collection. Obviously mine was lost in the mail. If they happen to read this post and are guilt stricken due to my lost package I would like to show them what I will accept as a gift [payment].

photos via Banana Republic

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