Friday, August 19, 2011


The day is here! I have another packed weekend with my friend Jon coming into town from Australia [he's the crazy kid I visited when I went down under in May] and our mutual friend Kim is coming up to join in on the fun.

So, to represent the long withstanding friendship between the three of us I thought I would feature some vintage items I've found on etsy that I luuuuurve [btw that may have been the most pathetic excuse for a tie-in I've ever muttered...or typed...and it was a joke even though friendship is real]. But I digress. To be honest [and what kind of friend would I be if I weren't honest?] I'm not a huge fan of vintage and the process of filtering through musty smelling garments to find something that might work. I should also state that I have never tried to find a decent vintage shop. Eventually I will, but it hasn't happened yet. Therefore, my vintage item list on etsy consisted of 2 items. I think that's respectable since the majority of the inventory on etsy is vintage and I just don't have the patience to filter through that mess. The fact that I found 2 things is commendable in my book people. From this post I've learned that I need to get a life and branch out from my typical shopping scenario where I power walk from store to store high-fiving the hooligans that still hang out at the mall. Pssshhhh...malls are for shopping kids and the food court doesn't count.

[love the boho chic look of these sunnies]

[I seriously almost didn't include this top because I'm hands down 110% in love with it, I just haven't pulled the trigger because the bust measurement is a close call....oh I'm sorry, are we not that close of friends? Ok after typing all of this shit I just bought it. wtf people. Another Christmas present I guess.]

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