Monday, May 14, 2012

people i love...the list goes on

Let's start this Monday off right with a recap of the people I love.  Plain and simple, some of my [new&old] girl crushes have been looking uhmahzing lately.  No denying it, so why try and fight it?  In a totally heterosexual way, I swoon over these ladies, for their beauty and fashion choices.  My most recent addition to my girl crushes?  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.  She is re-donk.  Her fashion is everything I dream of.  I judge my girl crushes [and potentials] on what they wear day to day.  There's no point in judging them on red carpet looks because someone else is thinking for them.  It's what they wear when they're running around town and going to lunch that gets my attention.  Jason Statham better know what he has and hold tight.  If you're not familiar with her [wtf] then let's introduce y'all.  Oh, and me, maybe?

*sidenote:  my friends and I are currently working on a video to send back to the Harvard baseball team

 And....some new pictures of an original [royal] girl crush looking stunning attending a couple events this past week.

 images via various websites

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