Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This weekend I was privileged enough to have an intimate 1-on-1 concert with my country boyfriend, Luke Bryan.  DISCLAIMER: IF YOU DO NOT CARE FOR MY BOYFRIEND, OR COUNTRY MUSIC IN GENERAL, THIS POST WILL MEAN NOTHING TO YOU, BUT EVERYTHING TO ME.  I should clarify that the 1-on-1 I speak of was merely just an intimate concert moment when LB told me he loved me and there may or may not have been 20,000 other people there.  Either way, it was the best night of my life and it's all thanks to my dear friend Susannah and her great boss Jeremy, who is a ticket snob and let us join in the snobbery with him in the 2nd row....dead center.  Hence why it shouldn't surprise y'all that my bf LB threw me one of his guitar picks, more specifically the one that was in his mouth.  After this weekend I am still on cloud 9 and am willing to debate whether or not Luke Bryan is the sexiest individual I have ever come across.  Oh, and his friend Jason Aldean was there....and Ludacris.  I love GA.

 ran into some UGA footballers

 oh hay Luda

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