Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Met Gala

The Met Gala was last night.  I had forgotten about this until yesterday and then got really excited to see the craziness that would surely ensue.  I was officially bored. to. death.  This is seriously the only event you can go bat shit crazy with your fashion choices and people just straight up praise you.  Show me some originality and insanity people.  You made everyone fall asleep [especially you, Dakota Fanning in your washed out LV that looked like it was having you for dinner].  I am so disappointed, but luckily some people got the memo, or at least looked stunning in a mediocre outfit.  Thank the lord, otherwise I could have just taken pictures of the skank-a-lanks I saw attending prom this weekend and no one would have known the difference.  Let's recap, shall we?

Beautiful People:
 Camilla Belle [minus the vamp lips]
 Gorg Couple Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy
 Dianna Agron
 Emma Roberts
 Eva Mendes
 Ginnifer Goodwin
 Ivanka Trump
Solange Knowles

Things that stood out:

 Christina Ricci in a fun Thakoon number
 The always stunning Diane Kruger
 Brooke Shields paying tribute to Boyz II Men
 Beyonce stealing the show, if for nothing else,
having a post-baby bod that can rock that dress
 Hamish is the one that caught my eye in this,
not Lena Dunham and her awkwardness
 Karlie Kloss and Jason Wu [it's just a fun dress]
And last, but not least, Alexander Wang decided to bring his prostitute Azealia Banks

images via Fashionista

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