Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Loren Hope

Jewelry seems to be the one thing I love to admire on the internet.  Don't get me wrong, if you looked in my closet you would think I have a whole different addiction [and I do], but I love finding fun jewelry just as much as the "perfect" dress I bought a year ago and am waiting for the right moment to wear it when I won't be too drunk and might spill and ruin said dress on its debut.  I find myself in this predicament a lot, hence why I love jewelry.  I wear it immediately and enjoy it whenever I can.

Loren Barham's Loren Hope Collection has great pieces of upscale, contemporary, handcrafted jewelry in the most vibrant colors.  Some of the pieces you could write off as investments, but they all catch your eye and are sure to instill jealousy to whomever catches a glimpse.  Personally, I love a good tassel necklace, and Loren's are the prettiest I've seen in awhile.

images via Loren Hope

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