Friday, May 11, 2012


It's Friday again.  I feel like I just posted an eff, but I won't complain!  Don't have much planned for the weekend, which means I hope to finally finish my lamps I've been spray painting for months now and find the shades I want...and workout...and remember to call my mom on Sunday...and all other things that are ideal weekend to dos.

In my pursuit of the perfect lampshade that also isn't over $100 [which give me mini heart attacks when I see them], I've been stumbling on more and more furniture that I want to a) have enough money for and b) have a house to put them in.  Both of those are on the rocks at the moment since the pieces I seem to "stumble" upon are upwards of $500-$2000.  oops.  No worries, I'll window shop the crap outta these etsy shops and it continues with Modern Arks and their barnwood tables.  I want all three, but especially the large one that is out of my price range.  I'm in love with the weathered look, but I just hope splinters aren't included because I've been known to get a couple in my day and these tables look a little like the perfect storm.

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