Friday, May 18, 2012

Etsy Feature Friday

I'm working on a new Friday feature to shake things up, but for now I'll continue to feature all the great things on etsy!  Today's eff is one of my all time favorite etsy shops: Devon Baer Designs.  I haven't featured DBD on the blog before because as beautiful as her pieces are, they are an investment, unless you shell out $200 on the reg for tunic tops.  I caved though because this shop is amazing and needs to be represented. 

Devon started her etsy shop awhile ago and it has become wildly popular, allowing her to expand her business.  The nice thing about said situation though is that she remains in charge of everything from the beginning to the end.  As in your garment isn't coming from a factory, hence the price.  She was recently featured in Matchbook magazine which makes it wildly apparent why she and her designs have such a strong, growing following. 

images via etsy

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