Tuesday, August 13, 2013

put a collar on it

Speaking of ladylike details in yesterday's post, I can't seem to get enough of detailed collars.  I'm kind of over the basic collars (i.e. peter pan on everything) that were everywhere last year, and I'm really over the collar necklaces (mostly because they just never look right to me), but the ones I've seen lately have grabbed my attention.  

These collars, and their partnered tops, offer a little more and I can't get enough.  I own the J.Crew sweatshirt with the chiffon collar from last year and wear it to death.  This time, I wanted something more, like the ones below.  They look perfectly feminine tucked into a skirt, or a little bit of tomboy meets girl-next-door with skinnies and flats.  Either way, I'll definitely be buying one of these to add to my collection.

put a collar on it

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